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About Us

About UsFirst ASK Integreated SchoolASK = Attitude | Skill | Knowledge

Kashyap Vidyapeeth Inaruwa (KVI) conceptualized in 2014 with a concept of bringing out a revolutionary change in the conventional way of teaching & learning.  The main motto to start this institution was to reflect on the international standard of teaching & learning practices in a municipality of Inaruwa.  Within a short span of time, KVI becomes a trendsetter and also recognized & awarded as A-Class School by the then District Education Office Sunsari in 2018. It is committed to serve students and make them good individuals. It has out- thrown the concept that academic performance is all that matters; it provides immense effort on developing the positive attitude along with the skills of a student other than just the theoretical knowledge. It has adopted a progressive system education of that makes the teaching-learning process interesting, knowledgeable, and fun. This institution has served its students on the 4 essential elements of life; education, ritual, culture, and civilization. This influential education system is an amalgam of the Montessori teaching system and the old gurukul method. It has introduced unique ideas on the teaching methodologies; like Classroom- Based Learning, Activity- Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, Digital Based Learning, and Game-Based Learning. Education being the most important element of our life, in Nepal, it is rarely connected to the essence of life. It is not confined to learning of what is written in a book but a sustainable development on how a person functions in life with his culture, ritual, and civilization. We have started with a different concept of how education should be imparted to a student. We always strive for the learning that doesn’t depend on the curriculum but on how it is served to the humanity.

4 Pillars of KVI

Four Essence









Kashyap Vidhyapeeth Inaruwa, is a school that imparts holistic, life-long learning which empowers the child to be the architect of his own life and an ambassador of good, compassionate, just and productive citizenship deeply rooted in the core values of SHIKSHYA,SANSKRITI,SANSKAR and SABHYATA.

To provide our students with an outstanding educative environment that is enjoyable, safe, happy, caring, sustainable and stimulating with the use of modern technology and the integration of ASK i.e. attitude, skills and knowledge.

ENGAGE students in effective learning experiences.
MOTIVATE students to discover their potential. FACILITATE the development of their personal and social skills. CREATE opportunities to excel. CELEBRATE creativity and achievement. EVOKE a sensitivity towards others and the environment. COLLABORATE with our stakeholders . TRUST the power of prayer.

Why KVI?

- The modern Gurukul of Nepal.- One and only A graded school of Inaruwa - Integrating ASK and the 21st century skills for Nextgen Schooling