Established as First Montessori School of Inaruwa
Achieved Goverment Approval as Primary School
Accquire Saptkoshi Secondary Boarding School
Awarded as One and only "A" Grade School of Inaruwa

Kashyap Vidyapeeth Inaruwa (KVI) is a school that strives to revolutionize the traditional approach to education. Their goal is to provide students with an international standard of teaching and learning practices that help develop their positive attitude and skills, in addition to their theoretical knowledge. KVI has adopted a progressive system of education that includes Classroom-Based Learning, Activity-Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, Digital-Based Learning, and Game-Based Learning, to make the teaching-learning process more interesting and fun. They aim to provide students with an education that connects with the essence of life, including culture, ritual, and civilization.

KVI has been recognized and awarded as an A-Class School by the District Education Office Sunsari in 2018. The school’s education system is a blend of the Montessori teaching system and the old Gurukul method, which focuses on providing students with a unique learning experience. At KVI, we believe that education should not be confined to learning what is written in a book, but it should help students develop the skills and positive attitude needed to function in life. KVI’s goal is to help students become good individuals who can contribute positively to society.