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Learning Process

KVI follows the curriculum designed by CDC Nepal.
As the motto of KVI is Education with rituals, culture and civilization, it follows the blended flavour of Gurukul Shichhya using modern technology
As we know that the world is a small village and we all are a global citizen. KVI being a progressive school has always been focusing on the overall development of a child. We have been implementing project-based learning, Activity-based learning, Learning by doing and practical based education the impact of which can be seen in child's daily life

General Inquiries

KVI(Kashyap Vidyapeeth Inaruwa)is currently operating from Kindergarten to Class 10 under Nepal Examination Board. KVI(Kashyap Vidyapeeth Inaruwa)is also planning to run grade 11 from the Next academic year onwards.
On the basis of infrastructure maintained for different levels of school, facilities provided to the students, staff, and parents, and fee structure all the schools of Nepal have been categorized into four groups identified as Grade A, B ,C, and D.
A graded schools of Nepal are the schools which provide integrated enriched ECA and CCA programs along with the curriculum provided by the government. to compete with the global students, the students of A graded school get their learning achievement by various methodologies like Project based learning, activity based learning, group work, team work, field work, clubs activities, excursion and by doing experiment in laboratories.
KVI offers 3 types of schooling i.e. Day-Scholar ( 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.), Day-Boarders ( 7:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.) & residential (24x7) Schooling. Class 6 - Class 10 must be under Day-boarders Schooling.
KVI offers Fooding & Transportation facilities apart from schooling on an optional basis. .Day-Scholar can bring their lunch and snacks from their home.
KVI(Kashyap Vidyapeeth Inaruwa) is registered as a private school by completing all the formalities of the government of Nepal and affiliated with Nepal Examination Board. We are currently Kindergarten - Class 10 and next year Will be K-11 School in Inaruwa.
The blended approach of the Montessori teaching system and the ancient gurukul method and it's unique teaching methodologies; like Classroom Based Learning, Activity Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, Digital Based Learning, and Game-Based Learning makes KVI(Kashyap Vidyapeeth Inaruwa)as a unique school at Inaruwa.
KVI is the only school in Inaruwa who has integrated ASK(attitude, skill, knowledge) curriculum. We do not want to impart only book's knowledge like other schools, we want to integrate personality development training for attitude , minimum 2-3 skills set are developed through practical & projected based learning along with the core knowledge.
Morning shows the day.If parents wish their children to have a core knowledge of subject matter with deep understanding and be able to apply in his/her real life, kvi is the right school to get admitted.
Not at all. To maintain quality education, school has offered very genuine fee structure affordable for the average Nepalese family.
Definitely yes. We have hostel facility for the students of primary, basic level and Secondary level. We do have well maintained dining providing hygienic food and snacks. we also have dedicated team of teachers staying in hostel who take care of our children and also guide them in studies.

Admission Process

New session in the schools of Nepal commences from Baishakh. In our pre-Primary we begin admission from Basanta Panchmi ( Saraswati Pooja). Though admission from grade one to nine begins in Chaitrra, the process of admission begins right from Saraswati Pooja to reserve the seats is the desired class.
To get admission in KVI, a student needs to buy an admission form from the front desk of the school. the duely filled form along with the birth certificate, transfer certificate and 3 pp sized photograph is mandatory.
Feeling some social responsibilities, KVI welcomes the children of society having financial status and underprivileged families. a diligent Student dreaming to go to the school of international standard but is economic condition of the parents is the barrier, then KVI is the right school to apply. The scholarship depends upon the score obtained in the entrance exam conducted by the School.
A new student seeking admission in KVI can only apply for this scholarship programme. A diligent student from a poor family background is the main criteria to get the scholarship.
Of course yes. To make the wise decision to take admission in the desired class, all the students seeking admission from Nursery to grade nine have to appear the written as well as oral entrance exam.
We believe that parents have to understand their role and responsibility for the academic excellence of their child. We interview the parents to know personal upbringing, personal behaviour, personal interest, hobbies, strength and limitations of the child so that there is good teamwork among teachers, students and parents.
Please visit our front desk office to get the admission form. We provide the admission form along with the catalogue student's handbook and parents handbook charging Nrs 500.
We do have a transportation facility to pick and drop to all our catchment areas. We have decided our own routes for the convenience of the students. However, on the request of the parents, we may alter our route as feasible as possible.
Fee structure of KVI is as follows: Rs 2600/month for pre-primary Rs 3100/month for primary Rs 3600 for Secondary level. Besides, students taking food and transportation facility will have to pay an additional charge depending upon the number of meals and distance to the destination. Also, the fee of residential students ranges from 10000 to 12000 per month.
Kvi does not only teach the prescribed curriculum but also arranges the career-building programmes which guide the student to prepare for his/her further career ahead.

Teaching Process

All the teachers make an annual plan for their course. They further break down the plan by making monthly, weekly and daily plan with all the projects activities and assignments. after the approval of the principal, teachers carry on their courses.
KVI has a well-equipped laboratory, science lab, computer lab with internet access. we also have a residential facility for boarders with fine dining providing nutritious food. Big sized classrooms with comfordable furniitureis our plus toint to do activities in the classromm itself.
We have Pre-primary running classes playgroup to upper kg, Primary school running from grade 1 to five, basic level from grade 6 to 8 and secondary level from grade 9 to 10. We are planning to run grade 11 from the coming session.

Parent Responsibilities

Learning outcomes is achieved only when there is good teamwork among students, teachers and parents. We expect our valued parents to spend some quality time with the kids to know their interest and also to motivate them. Children feel loved, secured and cared if their parents are in close contact.
We expect our parents to go through the diary, assignment given by teachers and students effort to complete the assignments. If necessary, provide some help to complete the assignments give some feedback to the kids, teachers and school admin.
Our school has various type of meeting with parents. Individual meeting to discuss the child's progress or area to be improved. classwise mass meeting to listen to the parent's suggestion. and Orientation program for the parents to guide them on how to handle today's kids and with psychological counselling.

Student Responsibilities

In the time of admission, we provide student's guidelines which help students to behave properly in the school. besides that we expect all our students to
Pre-primary students have timing from 10 am to 3 pm, primary students have timing from 9 am to 4 pm whereas secondary students have timing from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. and of course residential students have 24*7.
We want our students to be a leader not a follower.