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Vivekananda Jha-Chief Executive Officer

Kashyap Vidyapeeth came into a concept back in 2013, that concept was largely a reaction to the unfulfilled commitments that were being practiced in education system of Nepal. We started the initials after a lot of research and discussion on how a practice should be held in a modern education trend. The modern gurukul as we have termed, is a practice to give students a new avenue in education, a platform where they can maximize their potential and use it to the fullest. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty and academic administrators, who are always concerned about students’ academic performance and their overall development. We wanted people to look beyond the formal education where mere possibilities exist for a better growth. Our school is best today in terms of quality education and infrastructure too. Our journey of implementing a core belief has been phenomenal so far. We constantly strive to better ourselves as an educational institution. We determinedly create and reach higher standards in education due to our core belief that an individual can grow, learn and be successful. We have constantly strive to meet the demands of the growing trends in education In a nutshell, we students have the highest standards of behavior and uniform, and have a positive attitude towards their much needed concern for society.

Jeevanand Jha-Director Operation

Kashyap Vidyapeeth was founded with the mission of forming people who are morally upright; to ensure the education they get covers the wide dimensions of life. Our consistent motive has been to providing values of excellence, leadership and service in the students. We believe in progressive learning that helps students to be a critical thinker in every aspect. We’ve a welcoming committee of students, faculty, staff who are em-pathetically dedicated to be the growth of the school. We are serious with what facilities we provide to the members of our school, from good learning environment to other necessities we assure a good management of all of it. We also make our teachers accessible to workshops and training’s, to develop new innovative modules to enhance teaching, to contribute to the betterment of society, and to discover new knowledge. Not only this, we also associate the parental section rigorously to ensure the learning of a person is in a never ending loop and comes from everybody he is concerned with.

Shahadat Khan –Vice Principal

With changing roles of education, our school fits in perfectly to the dynamic nature of the teaching learning process. Our major motive has been to simplify the educating process and make it accessible for students in the deepest level of understanding. With near to three decades of experience in the education field, I have always tried to improvise my ideas on my work so that I get a proper reflection of what I always wanted as a student. I am someone who has always challenged the conventional way of teaching methodologies and has considered the quality of learning one ensures with the education we facilitate them with. Our school is for the ones who believe that every voice should be heard. We believe in allowing the students to share who they are, what they believe, and why they believe what they do with their peers, parents, teachers, and their entire school. We also ensure that our teachers get a right opportunity to grow in the process of teaching. We care about what the teachers and students think and take time to listen to their views. We extremely value the ownership of their learning and opportunities to make a difference. With 4 years of successful run, we are proud that our students show a willingness to become fully immersed in school life, and are proud of their school.