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specialities differenceOur school isn’t just a platform for students to study but to explore their interests, potential and achieve expertise in it. Our environment supports learning for the teachers as well, that’s why being an educator in Kashyap Vidyapeeth inarruwa is an entirely different experience.

We provide right opportunities for teachers as well so that they can also be present in the effective learning process our school stands on. We facilitate our teachers with the right tools and hefty opportunities. We engage our professionals with right amount of interaction, ideas and knowledge. We have a team of people who belong to different backgrounds, have distinct experiences and unique points of view—, it helps in providing the students a proper reflection of the society.

We make our students indulge in a lot of extracurricular activities so that they can learn from experiencing the different perspectives of life. From field visits, projects, artistic majors to sports, we expand our students in every horizon. We’ve minimal number of students in the classroom so that there’s no communication gap between the teacher and the students. We expand our approach to quality not quantity, for a good evaluation of a student, effective communication is a must.

We bring innovative teaching techniques into use so that the process of learning strengthens. We have activity labs, updated technology that efficiently carries out the learning. We encourage diversity in our premises so that the environment becomes a platform to exchange culture, learn and grow as a responsible individual.