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Our institution strongly believes in shaping the overall development of a child. We believe in nurturing a child by taking him/her closer to the real elements of life. We aspire to not just make the student learn but also teach the student to implement. Academic performance is important but a value based education is also prior to the need of a child. We work on fulfilling the main purpose of giving education and we fuel the potential of students to become better learners. We want the students to become able to critically think about what they learn; we want to produce confident individuals who aren’t afraid to voice their opinions, who are concerned citizens.

Everyone has a right to get a proper education; education that isn’t confined to the book but outwards to various streams. We have been going strong in these last years and we’ve been successful in giving the education we dreamed of. We want to develop in children the capacity to have an identity, and to make right decisions, and to become open-minded.

We stand in our four major values: Education, Culture, Ritual and Civilization. We want our students to grow on these four values, upholding each of them with a good sense of understanding. We always strive to maintain a vibrant community where a child is comfortable in the teaching-learning process so that every day becomes a new experience for the learners. Our main target is to develop students who are ready to face challenges and be the fit in an increasingly globalized world.