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With a concept of bringing out a change in the conventional way of teaching, Kashyap Vidyapeeth Inaruwa (KVI) started in 2013. The main motto to start this institution was to reflect on international standard of teaching in Inaruwa municipality. It is the only full day-boarders & residential school that follows a different trend of teaching in this area. KVI has been principally founded as ASK(Attitude, Skill & Knowledge) development center which became a essential need in educational transformation.  

KVI is committed to serve students and make them good individuals. It has out thrown the concept that academic performance is all that matters; it provides immense effort on developing the skills of a student other than just the theoretical knowledge. It has adapted a progressive education system that makes the teaching-learning process interesting, knowledgeable and fun.

KVI has served its students on the mandatory elements of life; education, ritual, culture, and civilization. This influential education system is an amalgam of the Montessori teaching system and old gurukul method. It has introduced unique ideas on the teaching methodologies; like Classroom Based Learning, Activity Based Learning, Project Based Learning, Digital Based Learning, and Game Based Learning.

Education being the most important part of life, in Nepal it is rarely connective to the essence of life. It is not confined to learning of what is written in a book but a sustainable development on how a person functions in life with his culture, ritual, and civilization. We started with a different concept of how education should be given to a student. We always strive for the learning that doesn’t depend on curriculum but on how it is served to them.